Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

From short, impactful workshops to multi modular programmes and large group Interventions for up to 100 participants, we design and run workshops/events leadership development programs for organisations across a range of industries. In designing leadership programmes, we take a close look at organisational development goals with our clients to ensure strategic alignment. THE BRIDGE then takes a pragmatic, experiential and creative approach, whilst finding solutions that meet the clients’ learning and budgetary needs.

THE BRIDGE team consists of our own international trainers, on occasions, we will if needed integrate top academic faculty from renowned business schools. We implement effective quality checks and feedback loops to ensure consistent quality from the first contact.

We have supported several of our global clients to achieve culture change on a group-wide basis. In practical terms this has often been the design and delivery of one to four day training programmes which are held locally to the client’s employment areas. These experiential and fun programmes combine a mixture of theoretical input and practical exercises, helping the participant to make the link between company strategy, values and their individual behaviour. We believe that leadership starts with the individual; THE BRIDGE helps the participant to develop their leadership “Brand and Authenticity” through identification with the organisation and a clear vision of their own responsibility as a role-model.

Our programmes are always tailor-made, but often include areas such as change-management, personal-impact, communication, cross-cultural effectiveness, conflict handling and resolution, influencing, and transformational leadership.

THE BRIDGE deliver programmes in an informal and output focused style, we may be subject experts but we avoid lecturing or long PowerPoint presentations. Our experiential learning approach allows for new theories and behaviours to be ‘tried out’ using workshop and “Forum Theatre” techniques. Detailed action-plans are prepared to help with the learning transfer and increasingly we run follow-up workshops a couple of months after the training to review progress and to support with additional ideas and coaching. Follow-up days and telephone conferences greatly increase the learning transfer and reinforce the implementation of the action plan.