MUSIC Intercultural Model Introduction

Matrix of Relationships

Matrix of Relationships – This determines the kind of relationship a person has with someone and what is needed in business to build rapport and trust to be seen as a competent business partner

Uncertainty Tolerance

Uncertainty Tolerance – When do you have enough information to make a decision? When do you ‘know’ that something will work? In many international projects, we have heard from delegates differing opinions of what’s “good enough” and the cause of conflict and misunderstandings. Having an empathetic approach to a person or a business cultural value will mitigate communication errors and potential conflicts

Space and Time

Space and Time – The easiest value to spot, and the easiest to underestimate! Differing value associations around time can stop trust from being developed in teams and become a real inhibitor to success.

Individualism and Collectivism

Individualism and Collectivism – The way in which a person approaches “success” varies around the world. Should I work as an individual and stand out from the crowd, or work as part of the team for the success of the team?

High and Low Context

High and Low Context – The directness of communication, the emotional content and the use of inference varies dramatically across the globe. An ability to understand the intent behind the message and react with the appropriate level of clarity and emotion is the core of this area.